This Is Why Shonda Banda’s Cannabis Trial Is Important To Not Just Kansas, but The Entire Country


One of the biggest medical cannabis cases in the country is starting up in the heart of Kansas. Shona Banda is facing, what could be, the rest of her life in prison. Last year Banda was the target of a raid by law enforcement in Garden City, Kansas.

Officers conducted the raid after Banda’s 11-year-old son apparently knew “too much information” in relation to cannabis during a drug education class at his school. Remind you, Banda’s son lived in Colorado, where his mother is a medicinal marijuana patient and advocate.

Banda’s son was interviewed by law enforcement officers without having a parent or lawyer even notified. The state has also charged Banda with child endagerment, which shows how ridiculous their views on cannabis really are. This is not a cartel bust we are talking about, this is a middle aged mother. A mother who also suffers from an illness.

Banda suffers from Crohn’s disease, which she treats with cannabis. She wrote a book titled, “Live Free or Die: Reclaim Your Life… Reclaim Your Country.” Banda and her son both have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the medical usage of cannabis. Knowledge that the state of Kansas refuses to accept.

This is why Banda’s trial is so significant. Yesterday was the arraignment for Kansas versus Shona Banda. It was decided that a 3 day motions hearing will be set to happen from July 27-29. This hearing will decide what scientific evidence will be allowed on behalf of the defense to show that Banda’s cannabis use is a medical necessity. This may force the state of Kansas to view cannabis as a medicine for the first time ever!

Instead of accepting a plea, Banda and her attorney, Sarah Swain, have decided to fight the state head on. Why you may wonder? Because Banda is not guilty of committing a crime for wanting to treat herself with a plant. Banda turned to cannabis to help with her Crohn’s, instead of risking further internal damage by taking pharmaceuticals.

Crohn’s disease is one of the many diseases that has shown positive results when treated with cannabis. Last week Daily Haze did an article on a Colorado man that is doing a 30 day trial of treating his Crohn’s disease with a high THC/CBD suppository.

Banda will be breaking ground in the Sunflower State. Never before has anyone based their defense off the grounds of cannabis being a medical necessity. Her case could force Kansas to take a step towards ending their foolish prohibition of those who would prefer to use medicinal marijuana over a dangerous pill.

Kansas is by far one of the least progressive states in the country in regards to cannabis, among many other things. The state desperately clings on to their outdated view of marijuana. Leading this ridiculous battle against medicinal cannabis is the state’s Chair of Health and Wellness, Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook.



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