Pairing Cannabis with Food: A New Culinary Trend


As you have probably taken note, the way people view cannabis is (finally) beginning to change. Where once having a gathering of people who would partake in this extraordinary plant was taboo, we are now seeing exciting changes take place. Enjoying cannabis in it’s many forms is no longer a pastime for ambitionless or rebellious youth. People from all age ranges, educational levels, and socioeconomic backgrounds are beginning to see the its benefits and incorporating it into their daily and social lives. One example of this is the increasing popularity of cannabis pairing events. There are many different strains of cannabis, each bearing it’s own particular set of benefits. Cannabis pairing events are a way to merge social with educational activities.

Living near Napa Valley, everyone seems to know a lot about wine. Often, I have been invited to wine pairing dinners with friends who have spent countless hours learning their Cabs from their Pinots and the cheese with which to pair it. Wine pairing has been popular for so long, it’s now passé. Given the current trend towards marijuana legalization, many people are now treating cannabis like wine and high-end cannabis food pairing events are starting to pop up like mushrooms in February. According to Philip Wolf, a pairing experience expert, “Cannabis should be treated like fine wine. It harmonizes so well with food when you have the right pairings.” Gone are the days of stoner food and in is the convergence of sophisticated chefs, growers and collective owners throwing elaborate culinary fetes in intimate settings. Sounds like fun, right?

So, it was with much enthusiasm that I recently received an invite to Sava’s upscale cannabis and food pairing event in San Francisco to celebrate the launch of their new online collective.

Read the original article on Hello MD. To learn more about Sava and future events, visit Andrea’s collective at GetSava.