About Us

Tasha Heath is a local activist for personal liberty and cannabis advocate dedicated to the patients in the cannabis community by helping patients get their Nevada Medical Marijuana cards while being a source for cannabis education, events and activism.

Tasha’s journey into cannabis advocacy began over five years ago when she found the healing power of cannabis to save herself from pharmaceuticals. She had been very ill for ten years. She was literally dying from the pharmaceuticals that were supposed to be improving her health and had given up all hope of living any kind of normal life. That is when one of her friends begged her to try cannabis.

While Tasha had known about cannabis, she didn’t know the truth of how to medicate properly with cannabis to start the healing process. Once she researched and began treating her illness with cannabis oil, her life changed dramatically. She was no longer stuck in bed watching the world pass her by. She slowly began to meet like minded individuals with issues she could relate to. From there she decided to dedicate her life to spreading the truth of the plants healing power. Since then, she has been unstoppable.

While Tasha does not believe in needing the state’s permission to heal oneself, she realizes that some people believe they do and she helps people navigate through the system so they can begin healing as quickly as possible, while avoiding as many obstacles as possible. She is a wealth of knowledge and her first and most important priority is to help others heal.