Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive Preview Celebration

Friday, May 6 at 4 PM – 9 PM
1112 S. Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102


THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace, downtown Las Vegas’ newest and largest medical cannabis dispensary, will host a ONE TIME ONLY opportunity for ALL members of the public to visit the facility and learn about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. The event will feature food and drink, DJ & live entertainment, Guerrilla Artz, raffle prizes and free parking. There will be NO cannabis products on the premises on this day to enable everyone to tour the 10,000-square-foot facility and find out more about cannabis’ therapeutic properties, how to obtain a medical marijuana card and more.

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace will open for business on Friday, May 13, and will carry the highest quality medical cannabis, including a full line of edibles, tinctures, oils and concentrates, as well as a variety of vape pens and glass pipes. Appointed with chic, urban-industrial décor designed to foster a sense of old-school charm and relaxation, the downtown dispensary features a rotating art gallery showcasing work by local artists.

Now thru May 31 get 25% off entire purchase, no minimum!
Offer for new patients, good at both locations.


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Leafly – crowd sourced marijuana strain and dispensary reviews. Photo: Flickr / Rusty Blazenhoff

10 Cannabis Startups That Are Smoking Hot

There are a number of states that are realizing the benefits of making marijuana legal. These states include  Colorado, Washington, Alaska and the District of Columbia. These significant changes to our legal system have opened opportunities for many new toke-friendly startups. Below is a short list some companies to keep your eyes on.



Check out the websites for each of these startups below:

Leafly: Marijuana Dispensary and Strain Review

Billowby: Zappos for Smoking Accessories

Weave: Data Science for Cannabis

Nancy: Marijuana Delivered for Pain Relief

Fish: Tinder for Stoners

Diagnostics anSERS: Marijuana Breathalyzer

MassRoots: Social Network for Cannabis Community

Trees: Amazon for Marijuana

New Horizons Ventures: Investments in Weed

HealthMJ: WebMD for Marijuana


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2nd Annual Las Vegas Cannabis Championship

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Welcome to Sunny Las Vegas,NV Cannabis Championship 2! A MMJ Competition by patients for patients! MMJ Patients DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!!! Come join us this year for a celebration of accomplishments hosted by red Dragon Brotherz & PonyBoy. Live music, Live Art, Live Glassblowing, 420 themed competitions and many more things so dont miss out and purchase your tickets now!
For Booths/Sponsors/Competitors information got for more information!

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Cannabinoids 101

Cannabinoids are a diverse set of chemical compounds that bind to special receptors in the human body that make up what is known as the endocannabinoid system. The “key and lock” metaphor is often used to describe this process. The human body possesses specific binding sites (“locks”) on the surface of many cell types, and our body produces several endocannabinoids (“keys”) that bind to these cannabinoid receptors (CB) to activate or “unlock” them.

In 1992, for the first time an endogenous substance which binds to cannabinoid receptors was detected. This substance, known as anandamide, comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” for bliss and “amide” due to its chemical structure. A second endocannabinoid was discovered in 1995, 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). These two endocannabinoids are the best studied so far. Today, it is thought that about 200+ related substances exist, which resemble the endocannabinoids and complement their function in what has been termed the “entourage effect.” Several endocannabinoids do not only bind to cannabinoid receptors, but also to a possible CB3 receptor (the GPR55 receptor), to vanilloid receptors and further receptors.

In addition to endocannabinoids, scientists have now identified cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (phytocannabinoids) that work to mimic or counteract the effects of some endocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids and terpenes are manufactured in resin glands (trichomes) present on the flowers and main fan leaves of late-stage cannabis plants. The amount of resin produced and its cannabinoid content varies by plant gender, growing conditions and harvesting time. The chemical stability of cannabinoids in harvested plant material is affected by moisture, temperature, light and storage, but will degrade over time in any storage conditions.

When a cannabinoid causes a receptor to act in the same way as it would to a naturally occurring hormone or neurotransmitter, then it is labeled “agonist.” On the other hand, if the cannabinoid prevents the receptor from binding to the naturally occurring compound, thereby causing the resulting event (e.g., pain, appetite, alertness) to be altered or diminished, it is labeled “antagonist.” Research is mounting to better understand how specific cannabinoids can unlock (or lock in some cases) specific receptors.

Over 100 phytocannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis plant, many of which have documentedmedicinal value. Most are closely related or differ by only a single chemical part. The most talked-about and researched cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for its psychoactive properties (“high feeling”) and cannabidiol (CBD) for its healing properties.

Cannabinoids can be administered by smoking, vaporizing, oral ingestion, transdermal patch, intravenous injection, sublingual absorption or rectal suppository.



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The 1st Medical Marijuana/Holistic Cannabis Summit


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The Holistic Cannabis Summit happens online April 4th to 7th, 2016.

The theme of this inaugural summit is Medical Marijuana: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask. What does that mean for you? Find out and tune in for FREE. Learn from top experts in the cannabis and holistic health communities who explain how this ancient plant works in concert with a multitude of healing modalities.

20+ presentations that take you to the next level of cannabis competency:
* Creating next generation innovations in the cannabis industry
Following the history of cannabis – what a long strange trip it’s been!

*Medicating (less is more!) with cannabis for specific health conditions

*Maximizing the body’s endocannabinoid system (what’s that!) for optimal health

*Selecting the correct delivery systems (not necessarily smoking!) for medical marijuana

Cannabis is an integral part of holistic medicine. Learn more about how cannabis has been healing for thousands of years April 4-7.

Cannabis is an integral part of holistic medicine. Learn more about how cannabis has been healing for thousands of years.

Register here to save your sport for this April 4-7th event

It takes a village of patients, marijuana growers, policy makers, edible producers, healthcare professionals, and all the cannabis curious people out there to create a new holistic healing paradigm. Share our vision for lifting the stigma about cannabis and empowering all health + wellness practitioners to incorporate medical cannabis in their healing toolboxes. Let’s move the conversation together and join us at the Holistic Cannabis Summit from April 4th – April 7th 2016.



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